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What is Kift?
What are our values?


How can someone become a Kift member?
Who can join Kift?
What commitment is required?
How can someone learn more about Kift before joining?
How are new members welcome to the community?

Mobile Tiny-Homes as Bedrooms

What qualifies a mobile tiny-home?
What if I don't have a camper vehicle?
Is their a size limit for vehicles?

Community Properties

What properties can members access?
How many locations are available for members to access?
How does the community choose which locations to have in the network?
Can someone recommend a new property to add to the network?
Are the community properties wheelchair accessible?
Are power/water hook-ups or grey/black-water dumps available?


How can someone join a caravan?
Where do the caravans go?

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When we first began Kift we had a simple goal in mind: to adopt a community first approach that holds a safe-space for all members. The process is simple but efficient. That’s why our main objective is built around bringing our members as much value as possible.

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