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Billed monthly

  • 1-night included per month + access to make additional reservations
  • Invitations to events and caravans
  • Discounted van rentals through our partners
  • Access to member only resources and chat channels

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Billed annually (total $300/year)

  • 12 nights include per year + access to make additional reservations
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  • Valid for 90 nights at any locations
  • Requires 3-month commitment
  • Includes 7-day guest pass

New Member Sign-up Process

1) Complete the registration forms here

2) Agree to our member commitments

3) Choose the monthly or annual membership option

4) Have a quick call with a community member to welcome you and get you access to book stays

5) Visit the member booking site to select which location(s) you want to stay at and when, choosing between nightly or monthly on-site passes

Community the heart of the Kift experience

Our community members share meals, workouts, yoga, cold plunges, hikes, meditations, open mic nights, fireside discussions and more. What excites you about living with a community?

While the experience may challenge you in ways you haven’t experienced before,  the fun we create together is worth it.

We encourage members to help shape what we are building online and in person. How would you want to get involved?

If you are interested in the possibilities, we'd love to welcome you in.
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How We Roll

Contribute to the community experience

Our eclectic community comes together around shared values to share communal spaces as we live, work and play.

Explore amazing places and help us choose where

We plan group caravans and curate an evolving network of seasonal and year-round properties.

Share access to resources that make camping from your vehicle easier

Together we share fast WiFi, a kitchen stocked with the basics, bathrooms, showers, community spaces and experiences.

Stay as long as you like and change locations whenever you want

Explore new locations while staying connected with community as you share access to safe places to call home.

Join the Kift Community

As a community owned and run organization, we are focused on alignment, transparency and agency. If you see something that needs doing, do it. If you want to suggest a road trip, do it. Have a proposal for a better way to organize ourselves? Put it out there. Much of this happens real-time in physical space, but the bulk of the planning, proposals, governance and budgeting happens online though our DAO and in our Discord. Jump in, introduce yourself and see how it works.
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Hear from our members

Real stories from real members

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to know more, please join our community chat to ask any questions and stay connected online.
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