We’ve found a better way…

If you’ve been longing for an alternative to working alone from an expensive apartment, we’re glad you found us. If you’ve been cruising around in a van but craving community, welcome home.

We are building an intentional, adventurous, welcoming community, where we get back to what’s important in life—making connections, sharing meals, adventures, hardships and successes—all while keeping our day jobs and staying healthy. If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, let’s talk.
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Community isn’t easy, but it’s worth it

To be clear, this isn’t a hotel or resort. Life on the road and living with others will challenge you in ways you haven’t experienced before, but the adventure and connection we create together has been known to change lives.

Online or onsite, the experience is what you make it.  Our community members are the ones who organize, lead and participate in daily experiences: shared meals, morning yoga, cold plunges, hikes, meditations, exercise and expansive discussions.

We also build the bones of the community ourselves. A member run community means we take the lead on finding, designing and setting up our new properties, launching Web3 and tech projects, and growing and supporting the community online and off.

If you are up for a challenge, down to help, and open to the possibilities, we’ve got a spot for you.
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How We Roll

Connect with community, IRL

Reversing trends of digital, remote-work, and pandemic isolation, our eclectic community comes together around shared values, healthy lifestyles, and a life of exploration to work, celebrate, create, share stories, and laugh and cry together.

Access to a growing network of locations

Starting from the Rockies to the Pacific, from Mexico to Canada, we are building a collection of unique community houses and properties near mountains, deserts, oceans and cities.

Community house, meet dream house

All of our locations have what you need–quiet workspaces, fast wifi, stocked kitchens and cozy couches–plus surprises unique to each space: cowboy pools, paddle boards, hot tubs, yoga studios and dancefloors to name a few.

Integrated with vanlife

With your own campervan as your room on wheels, you’ll always have your personal space, and changing locations is as easy as turning a key. Bring your own van or we’ll help you get one.

Stay as long as you like, change locations whenever you want

From flexible membership to curated caravans, we’re easy to join, and have options to make our community accessible to everyone.

Join the Kift Community

As a community owned and run organization, we are focused on alignment, transparency and agency. If you see something that needs doing, do it. If you want to suggest a road trip, do it. Have a proposal for a better way to organize ourselves? Put it out there. Much of this happens real-time in physical space, but the bulk of the planning, proposals, governance and budgeting happens online though our DAO and in our Discord. Jump in, introduce yourself and see how it works.
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Membership Options

Annual Membership

/ month*
Unlimited access to Kift's growing network of community houses, with the freedom to set your own schedule
Add a co-pilot for $200 / month
12-month commitment required
Billed monthly. Inclusive of all taxes and fees. Includes unlimited stays at any of our community houses for one member in one van. Membership is not transferable.

* With redemption of valid Kiftable NFT. Regular Annual Membership rate is $850/month. Kiftable NFTs offer a one-time-use discount to receive 50% off an Annual Membership (i.e. $425/month for 12 months). If the Kiftable NFT being used for discounted membership is listed for sale, transferred, or sold, the discount will be forfeited.
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Caravan Membership

/ month*
A communal experience with exploration of select community houses and partner sites during a set itinerary
Add a co-pilot for $200 / month
2 month commitment required
Caravans are offered multiple times each year**
Full amount billed in advance. Inclusive of taxes and fees. Includes site use, events and excursions, and food for one member in one van. Membership is not transferable.

* Membership charges are based on a two-month minimum.

** Each caravan offers a fixed itinerary spanning three to four sites, with a two to three week stay at each site. While you have the freedom to join and leave at your convenience, membership charges will not be prorated.
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Ready to get started?

We are gradually taking new members as the community grows. If you think you would be a good fit, the next step is to tell us about yourself and have a conversation with one of our community members to learn more about each other.
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What our community says

Hear what members are saying about the Kift experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers.  If you would like to know more, please join our Discord – there is always someone around to help out.
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Can I do Kift temporarily, for a weekend or a couple of weeks?
Can children be part of the Kift community?
Where are your community houses?

Get Started

Becoming a member starts with a quick questionnaire and a follow-up call with a community member, so we can get to know each other and answer any questions you have about Kift.